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What are the details of the proposed development?

The redevelopment of 106 acres of underutilized land in Greenburgh, N.Y., Elmwood Preserve will transform the former Elmwood Country Club into a world-class community of 175 age-restricted townhomes for residents aged 55-and-over. The townhomes will feature first-floor master suites, and the development will include amenities such as a residents’ clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts and pedestrian trail to nearby East Rumbrook Park.

Elmwood Preserve will also help meet the Town of Greenburgh’s significant need for active recreation space by supporting a 14-acre expansion of East Rumbrook Park; will preserve 44 acres of open space; and will provide a vegetated buffer to neighboring homes of at least 200 feet.

What are the specifics of the park you’re proposing as park/playground of this project?

As part of the proposed development, Ridgewood Real Estate Partners would donate 14 acres of property to be used as an extension of Rumbrook Park East. Ridgewood is prepared to invest to outfit the expanded park with two baseball/softball fields and a regulation-size field that may be used for football, soccer or other uses. The plan would also preserve the existing fields, tennis courts and other recreational spaces currently in place at the park. The expansion of the park would help meet the community’s critical need for additional space to host local football, baseball, softball and soccer leagues as well as other organized recreation.

How would this development impact traffic in the area?

A preliminary traffic study has indicated the project would have a less significant impact on traffic than the development of approximately 119 single-family homes allowed under current zoning. A more extensive traffic study will be conducted as part of the Town’s environmental review.

The development would create both a primary boulevard entrance with separate entry and exit lanes, as well as a secondary access point opposite Westchester View Lane to improve the flow of traffic and increase pedestrian and driver safety in the area.

How will the development impact the schools systems?

Because individuals under 19 years of age will not be allowed to reside at Elmwood Preserve, there will be no new students added to the Greenburgh and Elmsford school districts. However, the new units will create a tax revenue windfall that undoubtedly will help support both the Greenburgh and Elmsford school districts’ annual budgets.

Would the development impact local taxes or services?

By creating a new development of 175 privately-owned townhomes, Elmwood Preserve will generate substantial new tax revenue for the Town of Greenburgh. In addition, the 14-acre expansion of East Rumbrook Park financed by Ridgewood Real Estate Partners should alleviate the need for the town to allocate resources toward the creation of new space for active recreation.

What is the public process for approving this project?

Ridgewood Real Estate Partners has filed its application for a Planned Unit Development at Elmwood Preserve with the Town of Greenburgh. The Planned Unit Development will need to be approved by the Town Council, site plan review will be required from the Planning Board, and public hearings are mandatory prior to any vote.

Why can’t the site remain a golf course?

Golf courses around the United States have been struggling to stay viable as the sport struggles to attract new, young players. As a result, more than 800 golf courses around the country have closed since 2006, including the Elmwood Country Club. Furthermore, Westchester County is home to an abundance of both public and private courses. In contrast, there is a significant lack of age-restricted housing in Westchester. Ridgewood’s proposed development of the property would preserve 44 acres of open space, helping to maintain the existing character and density levels of Greenburgh and the surrounding area.

Why are you proposing a 55-and-over community?

Housing and demographic data show that there is a strong demand for active-adult lifestyle communities in Westchester and surrounding areas, as adults over the age of 55 have increasingly become attracted to housing that enables them to remain in the community in which they raised their family, and stay close to their children and grandchildren without incurring the costly expense and extensive efforts of maintaining a single-family home. While age-restricted active-adult communities are relatively rare in Westchester, they are commonly found in other parts of the country and the Northeast. Click here to learn more about active adult housing. *will link to separate “What is Active Adult Housing” section

Who is Ridgewood Real Estate Partners? Does the company have any experience developing this type of project?

Ridgewood Real Estate Partners is a national residential real estate developer, investor, and advisor that specializes in repurposing former golf course properties into thriving residential and mixed-use developments, as well as public parks and other public amenities. Ridgewood has acquired, developed, and sold residential developments throughout the United States, including former golf courses in Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.