What is Active Adult Housing?

The Facts About Age-Restricted Communities

Senior Black woman sitting on floor with exercise equipment

Active adult communities are age-restricted residential developments that cater to individuals who are over the age of 55, but desire an active and maintenance-free lifestyle. While active adult communities are relatively rare in Westchester County, they can be found – and are highly sought after – in other parts of the country, including nearby locales such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Long Island.

Housing and demographic data shows a strong demand for active adult lifestyle communities in Westchester County, as an increasing number of people over the age of 55 desire to move from single-family homes to multi-family developments. This demographic is especially attracted to developments that enable them to remain in the community in which they raised their family, and stay close to their children and grandchildren without incurring the costly expense and extensive efforts of maintaining a single-family home.

The common thread among most active adult communities is the opportunities they provide for residents to be active – at the pool, on tennis courts or in exercise rooms, or maybe walking, hiking or biking. Similarly, many active adult developments aim to foster a sense of community by incorporating common spaces where residents can play cards or billiards, paint, watch movies, or even get their hair and nails done. Some host organized events such as group classes, book groups, educational presentations, cooking demonstrations, and day trips to encourage strong relationships between residents.